Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Undefeated Season

Max and Will's basketball team was undefeated for the 2nd year in a row! They LOVE basketball and would play it all day if they could. It was so much fun watching them this year. They did awesome. They were the two highest scorers on the team. Will had the most points for this season and Max had the most points last season. The team they played on was called the "Tigers". We will miss the boys they played with and their awesome coaches who they have played for two seasons. Ben, of course, is very excited that they love basketball and couldn't have been more proud!

More House Pictures

Selling our Home in Texas

It's that time again! Time to move on to new adventures in Las Vegas Nevada. We have really enjoyed living here and have so many great memories. When we moved here, Kate was just over 1 year old, the twins were 2 and Carter was 6. Now the kids are 6,7 and 11. Time flys so fast. Just wanted to post some pics of our home so we never forget it!

Snow in Texas!

This is the extent of the snow we got in San Antonio in February. Pretty sad!

Adventures with Flat Stanley

Flat Stanley at the Max and Will's friend, D.J's birthday party

Carter and Kate jumping away at the Jump Rope For Heart Day.

Miss Teen Texas with Flat Stanley

Will, just before the final round began

Flat Stanley Going to School for the day with the kids

My nephew Jacob Hyatt sent us Flat Stanley for a few weeks to take on all of our adventures. The kids loved having here with us. These are a few of the places we took him. The kids have a "Jump Rope For Heart" event at their school every year. Each grade has a competition to see who can jump rope the longest. Will actually practiced for this- he was determined to win. Hw made it the the final 3 boys in the second grade. Unfortunately the boy next to him moved off his "X" and into Will's space and their jump ropes hit and Will messed up. He felt bad, but I was very proud of him for doing so well. Flat Stanley was there to cheer the kids on and best of all have his picture with Miss Teen Texas. The boys were all jeoulous of him! Other places we took him were to a birthday party at Double Daves Pizza, the boys basketball games, Rudy's
(our favorite BBQ in Texas), Lackland AFB, the Riverwalk, and the Alamo. Flat stanley was then sent to Beaver, Utah to have more adventures!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Veggie craze!

I just joined a veggie co-op group in my area. We get a crate of fresh organic veggies from a local farmer every week. The fun thing is, is that we never know what we are going to get in our crate. The veggies are so good and are so full of flavor! I hope I can find something like this when we move- wherever that may be!

100 days of school down!

The kids elementary school celebrates the 100 day of school more than they do Christmas- it's crazy! Any how, I can't believe the kids have been in school this year 100 days already! I can't believe I have gotten tham to school 100 times, made 400 lunches (well not quite that many- they eat school luch sometimes!), and 100 days of after school snacks! Only about 70 more days to go! I'm proud of the kids this year. They have done very well in school and have worked really hard! Carter would pose for a picture- he was having one of those mornings!